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Administrative Support for Mathematics Instruction
​Everyday Mathematics                                                                                                Common Core          
Philosophy of Everyday Mathematics                                    Administrative Snapshot    
​   Changing the math perception                                                       Classroom Instructional Shifts    
Features of the Everyday Mathematics                                 Classroom "Look-For" Templates    
     What should it look like?                                                           Ver. 1    Ver. 2   Ver. 3   Ver. 4
     What should it sound like?

​Leadership Support        
​    10 points of teacher leaders                                         Faculty meetings       
​    Predictors of teacher effectivness                              Making PD effective    
    Spotting effective teacher teams                                The effective math teacher    
    Leadership in hard times                                              Elements of a principal   
    3 overriding principles      
    Asking the Right Questions    
    Nurturing learning communities  
    Maximizing  instructional coaching    
    Coaching: light or heavy  
    Keys to improvement    
    Assisting the struggling teacher