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Common Core State Standards

  Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMPs)                 CCSS Resource Links    
​     SMP Proficiency Matrix                                                                                 NSCM
​     Visual model of integrated SMPs                                                               Inside Mathematics             
     The Math Practice Standards                                                                      Noyce Foundation   
     Grade-Specific Descriptors of SMPs   
        Kindergarten   First   Second   Third   Fourth   Fifth   Sixth     
     EM and the SMPs                                                                                             Shell Centre/Mars Tasks           
     Video presentation on SMPs (webex)                                                        Core Challenge    
     Student-friendly SMPs                                                                                   CCSS Homepage       
​         Student-friendly SMPs (SP)                                                              U of Arizona
​     St.-friendly SMPs 1-4 (4/page)                                                             Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium 
         St.-friendly SMPs 1-4 (SP)                                                         Tulare County Office of Ed    
    St.-friendly SMPs 5-8 (4/page)                                                      Livebinder Resources         
         St.-friendly SMPs 5-8 (SP)                                                                  Implementing CCSS Action Brief
     Kindergarten "I Can" Statements (SMPs) 
          Kindergarten "I Can" Statements  (SP)        
     SMP Pinch Card

​   Other Versions of SMPs Posters    
​       Practice 1   Practice 2   Practice 3   Practice 4   Practice 5   Practice 6   Practice 7   Practice 8    
      6th Grade (all)    All-on-One      
      Practice 1   Practice 2   Practice 3   Practice 4   Practice 5   Practice 6   Practice 7   Practice 8       

Big Idea Classroom Posters     
      Kindergarten     1st Grade     2nd Grade     3rd Grade     4th Grade     5th Grade     6th Grade                    

  Problem Solving/Quick Look Cards
​       5-Frame Cards        Dot Cards        10-Frame Cards        Double 10-Frame Cards    Equal Groups
                Fraction Cards