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  Everyday Math Support                                                       Additional Resources                                    
      EM Pacing Guide                                                                        Math and the pre-K brain                                               
      EM Instructional Guide                                                                                                                
      Back to School Night                                                                     Number Grid As Tool     
      Family Letters                                                                                      Number Grid
         Family Letters (SP)                                                                          Number Grid Back
      Parent/Student Success Guide                                                         Number Grid (color)                                   
         Success Guide (SP)                                                                     
      Games Page                                                                                                                     
      Games Chart                                                                                   Kindergarten Vocabulary Cards                     
         Glossary (SP)                                                                           
      Literature List                                                                       
      Grade-level Goals                                                                 
      EM Classroom Ideas                                                          
      Vocabulary Bank                                                                    
      Everyday Mathematics (U of Chicago)                                 
​      Summertime math ideas   
​            Summertime math ideas (SP)     

Assessment Resources                                                                                                              
      Assessment FAQs         
    Ongoing Assessment Checklists: Sections 1 & 2
    Ongoing Assessment Checklist: Section 3                                                                      
​     Ongoing Assessment Checklist: Section 4    
    Ongoing Assessment Checklist: Section 5    
    Ongoing Assessment Checklist: Section 6      
    Ongoing Assessment Checklist: Section 7     
    Ongoing Assessment Checklist: Section 8