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Math Resources
EM Pacing Guides
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EM Instructional Guides (print guide on legal paper)
​      Kindergarten     First grade     Second grade     Third grade     Fourth grade     Fifth grade     Sixth grade

Developing Fact Fluency                                                Enhancing Math Vocabulary
     Subitizing: the prerequisite of fact fluency                       Using a word bank
     Basic Math Fact: A Sequence of Learning                        Primary word wall cards
     EM and Computational Fluency                                         Intermediate word wall cards
     Protocol for struggling students                                         One district's approach
     Fact Mastery and More!                                                     Illustrated vocabulary (all grades by Unit) 
     Multiplication facts                                                                                                                            
     Knowing math facts (an online discussion)                Subitizing and Number Models                                         ​   Interventions for the learning disabled     
     Basic facts strategies chart                                             The Mathematical Big Ideas
​                                                                                                      Big Ideas and Understanding
Critical EM Building Blocks                                               Engagement through understanding               
     Struggling Learners (all grade levels)                         
     Quick games summary   
     Supporting student learning with manipulatives        Assorted Resources/ Tools                                            Keeping games effective                                                    Problem-solving strategies posters     
​     Math requires time                                                             Number "touch" patterns posters  
                                                                                                     Number "touch" patterns posters (SP)
                                                                                                     Number "touch" student version
                                                                                                     Number "touch" student version (SP)
                                                                                                     Number Grid Tools (backside)
                                                                                                     Number Grid Tools (backside)    (SP)
                                                                                                     Students and self-assessments         
Advice From EM Colleagues                                      EM games summary     
​    Planning and pacing                                                           10 ways to strengthen your math classroom  
​    Assessment and grading                                                    The Math Crisis   
​    Working with parents                                                         Make Mathematics Meaningful  
​    Multiage classrooms       
​    Differentiation         
    English Language Learners        
​    Technology in the classroom         
​    Teachers new to Everyday Mathematics